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Daring Gundaraaj (2008) Hindi Dubbed Movie *DVD*

Aatadista (2008)

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Initial release: 2008

DirectorRavikumar Chowdary

Stars: Nitin, Kajal Aggarwal, Jayasudha, Nagababu

Genre: Action | Drama

Subtitle: No

Jagan alias Chinna is industrialist Lion Rajendra's jobless son. He falls in love with Sunanda. Meanwhile he suggests that his father and his rival Raghunath get into a partnership to double up their efficiency. Without his knowledge his marriage is fixed to Raghunath's daughter, who obviously turns out to be Sunanda, but the families are not on great terms even after they fix the match. Raghunath is dealing in tobacco businesses that is actually owned by Bonala Shankar, a brusque and notorious MLA. Rajendra doesn't want to deal in that area, but Bonala threatens the board of directors too. Now Jagan has to deal with this corrupt politico and plays a game with him that shakes him from his very roots-spreads a rumor that he hit Shankar.

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